Here at Brimfields we believe that local is better. In fact, we believe that local is the best. Which is why we only bring you the cream of the crop. Whether that's from our Winchester farm shop, or delivered straight to your door via our veg box delivery, either way, you will soon find out that Brimfields is all about the freshness.

Welcome to Brimfields

Why choose local?

Well, apart from the fact that it tastes so much better, buying local means:

  • You cut out the middleman
  • There’s a more personal touch
  • It’s better value
  • You can have it delivered to your door
  • You can tie it in with your weekly shop
  • You can make special requests
  • It’s much better for the environment
  • You’re helping local businesses – thank you very much
  • You help our lovely local farmers too
  • It makes getting your 5 a day much easier!

Whether you opt for a veg box or head to our Veg Shed in Kings Worthy, we make life easy. Leaving you to get on with the more important stuff in your day.