When life gets busy – veg box delivery

When life gets busy – veg box delivery

It’s time to order your Veg Box …

At Brimfields we know that life can be extremely busy. We all want to eat better, to try and shop locally as much as we can, and to cook healthier food. But with so much to do it can seem like an impossible task.


But it doesn’t need to be.  One of the reasons why our Veg Boxes are so popular is for the convenience factor.  We deliver fresh fruit and veg, that is as local as we can get, so you don’t have to fight the supermarkets. Picking fruit and veg at the supermarket is one of those chores that can really add to how much you loathe shopping. To order your veg box all you need to do is contact us (via email/text or even on Facebook) with:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Your dislikes
  • Day of delivery

We will then pack your £12 Veg Box with everything you like, and nothing you don’t! And yep, that’s all for £12.

Tip: Don’t forget, we also sell rapeseed oil, fresh bread, eggs, whole foods and plenty of other items in our shop – ask us for a price list and we can add these to your Veg Box. 

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