veg boxes


veg boxes

Our veg boxes are designed to make life simple for you. Whether you choose exactly what you want, have certain items you know you’ll always like, or would rather we ‘cherrypick’ for you, it really is up to you. Your veg box can be delivered to you at any time, well, within reason, to any place within a 5 mile radius of Winchester. We will deliver further out, but remember that if you live too far it may defeat the point of ‘going local’.

Having your fruit, veg, eggs, bread, juice and other lovely local products delivered to you means that your life just got easier. So, when you do your food shop you don’t have to spend hours picking your fruit and veg. You don’t even need to be in. We’ll happily place your veg box in a place chosen by you. We believe in being as ‘green’ as possible so we ask that you  leave your empty veg box crate outside your door and we’ll collect it next time.

If you want to place an order for a veg box Winchester, whether it’s a one time thing or a regular order, simply head on over to our ‘veg box order’ form and fill in your details or just give us a call. You can let us know when you want it delivered, where to and what you want. There are no ties, you can order as little or as often as you like. And you can stop your veg box delivery at anytime too.

It really is that simple. Peachy, huh?