who are we


who we are

Brimfields is all about fresh, locally sourced produce. From apples and pears to fruit juice and bread, we have a pretty big emphasis on the ‘fresh’ bit. You see, the majority of what we sell comes from local suppliers, and what we can’t source locally, we aim to source from as near local as we possibly can.

Our quality control is a pretty important part of what we do, and everything is chosen by us. We also don’t trundle around town in refrigerated vans, which means that everything we sell is as fresh as a, well, cucumber. We do, however, tootle around in a rather cool red van, so make sure you look out for us and give us a wave.

Not only do we sell fresh fruit and veg but we also sell fresh bread, eggs, apple juice and even rapeseed oil. And guess what? It’s all from round these parts too. We’re also members of  Hampshire Fare. Brimfields is a family run business that’s been going for around five years now. Based in Winchester, Hampshire we have fast established a rather lovely bunch of customers. From local pubs such as The Mucky Duck and restaurants such as River Cottage Canteen, The Corner House and Pi Woodfired, to nurseries, families and of course our fabulous friends. We really have grown quite fond of our customers. And if you’re not one yet then we’d love you to be! We take care of our customers you know?

Brimfields is run by Ross Brimfield, that’s where the name comes from. Established in honour of Ross’s late nan, Brimfields has a pretty significant meaning to it. It’s not a place, it’s not a country but with your help it could become a household name… maybe.